Carbon V-Bank Filter for Air Purification

v bank air filter

Carbon V-bank filters are most commonly seen in various industrial applications. They can be used in existing HVAC systems, specified for new construction or easily retrofitted. Carbon V-bank filters are helpful to remove different kinds of particles, impurities or bad odors present in the air or its surroundings. These filters bear immense significance especially for air pollution or odor from commercial industries which are higher than normal.

Leading The Commercial Filter Industry

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The #1 commercial filter manufacturer Engineered Filtration Systems (EFS) is one of the most innovative air filter brand in the industry. At EFS, we are determined to always improve and innovate our products to exceed, not only our competition but our own expectations.

Which industries Use Commercial Air Filters ?

commercial air filters

Our filters serve numerous applications such as hospitals and health care facilities, bio-tech and electronics manufacturers, gas turbine power plants, clean room facilities, museums, schools and universities, commercial and government buildings, industrial manufacturers and many others. There aren't many locations that wouldn't benefit from the application of air filtration because clean air is clean living.


Engineered Filtration Systems

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