Advantages of Soft-Pocket Bag Filters

Soft-Pocket Bag Filters

When talking about industrial air filtration systems, the conversation tends to center around HEPA air purifiers, ionic air purifiers and the less popular ozone air purifiers. These systems make up the basic set of technologies behind industrial air purification.

The Importance of Gas Phase Filtration

gas phase filter, carbon v-bank filter

The quality of the air we breathe is of the utmost importance to our health and wellbeing; especially when we live and work in a world that continues to quickly advance in its technological capacity and demands. Most people are aware of the pollutants released into the air from homes or motor vehicles, but other kinds of pollutants involved near industrial facilities require stricter air quality regulations.

Air Filters for Controlling Corrosion

Air Filters for Controlling Corrosion

When people discuss air pollution and the effects it has on our society, the conversation usually centers around the sources of the pollutants and the negative health effects they can have on people, such as the development of cancer.


Engineered Filtration Systems

The most advanced technology through global collaboration & development to provide the highest quality air filtration products at the lowest possible cost.