Prevent Turbine Fouling with Proper Filtration

Prevent Turbine Fouling with Proper Filtration

A gas turbine inlet filtration system cleans the air entering a gas turbine. To prevent fouling, among other consequences, these inlet air filtration systems must be carefully selected and properly operated, maintained, and tested. Read on to discover how selection of the right air filter product is necessary to prevent fouling of the gas turbine.

Importance of Inlet Air Filtration

Protect Sensitive Equipment in Pulp and Paper Mills with Proper Air Filtration

Commerical Air Filters, Pulp and Paper Industry

Companies in the pulp and paper mill industries are increasingly utilizing sensitive electronic process control systems to remain competitive. Although these systems maximize chemical and energy use, the operating environment can wreak havoc on the electronics without proper air filtration. Corrosive gases and particulates, combined with mill humidity, can cause electronic control systems to fail unless proper industrial air filters and air filtration systems are employed.

Control System Environments

MERV Ratings

MERV Ratings, Commercial Air Filters

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value is a metric for selecting an air filter. Commercial air filters, industrial air filters, and residential air filters are rated on this scale. A higher MERV value does not necessarily mean that this is the best filter for your air filtration system, though. Cost must be balanced with purpose, and the design of the air filtration system must also be considered.

What is MERV?


Engineered Filtration Systems

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