Increase Gas Turbine Output at Your GT Power Plant with Evaporative Cooling

evaporative cooler

Evaporative cooling pads are a cost-effective solution to increasing the power output of gas turbines in warmer areas or during hot summer months. Other methods of cooling inlet air can prove prohibitively expensive or inefficient. In areas where the air is hot and especially humid, a combination of evaporative cooling and other cooling methods may be necessary.

Hot Weather and Power Output

How the Rise in Green Construction Spending Impacts Air Filter Industries

Green construction

Growth in green construction is expected to drive the air filter market, especially in the HVAC air filter segment. The demand for high-quality, effective air filters is projected to steadily increase with accompanying exponential increases in green construction spending.

High Temperature Air Filtration

High temperature air filter

To ensure product and service safety, quality, and the integrity of throughput in manufacturing, some facilities require high-temperature air filtration. Process and oven environments, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, automotive and research facilities, require safe, high-temperature air filtration using air filters designed specifically for high heat use.

Why Use High-Temperature Air Filters?


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