The Main Differences Between EN779 and ISO 16890

ISO 16890

The main differences between EN 779 and ISO 16890 standards lie in their approach to methods of air filter testing and classification. This change has occurred when the International Standards Organization (ISO) issued it as an effort to improve air quality in light of new studies, regulations, and increasingly high particulate matter (PM) pollution. The focus of the new standard is on fine dust and it is very detailed in its comprehensive test procedures and classification methods.

Temperature Inversions and Air Quality

Temperature Inversions and Air Quality

If you own a home or business in or near a valley, you need to be aware of temperature inversions and how they affect your air quality. Also called thermal inversions, temperature inversions are also more prevalent when and where the nights are longer and cooler. Awareness of temperature inversions will help any home or business choose the best air filter for maximum health and comfort.

Thermal Inversions

Prevent Turbine Fouling with Proper Filtration

Prevent Turbine Fouling with Proper Filtration

A gas turbine inlet filtration system cleans the air entering a gas turbine. To prevent fouling, among other consequences, these inlet air filtration systems must be carefully selected and properly operated, maintained, and tested. Read on to discover how selection of the right air filter product is necessary to prevent fouling of the gas turbine.

Importance of Inlet Air Filtration


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