Air Quality Index (AQI) & your choice of filter

Indoor Air Quality


The AQI index is a measure of daily air quality. It determines how polluted or clean the air is, and what health impacts it may bring. The AQI pays attention to health effects experienced within few hours to few days after inhaling polluted air. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) measures AQI for five mainstream air pollutants as regulated by Clean Air Act, and these are:

1. ground-level ozone

2.particle pollution (also called particulate matter)

3. carbon monoxide

4. sulfur dioxide

5. nitrogen dioxide

Poultry House Air Filters & Filtration

Farm air filter


With rising concerns regarding avian influenza, many poultry producers are now thinking of the ways to filter the air in their poultry houses. However, getting clean air into these farms can be very costly and difficult. Nevertheless, with the complexity of and highly crowded poultry houses, with dust and air borne particles, air filtration has become critically important and a never ending concern for the poultry house owners and producers.


Engineered Filtration Systems

The most advanced technology through global collaboration & development to provide the highest quality air filtration products at the lowest possible cost.