Gas Phase Filters for Odor Control

Gas phase filter

Gas-phase air filters remove gases and odors by using a material called a sorbent, such as activated carbon, which adsorbs the pollutants. Typically, these can remove one or more gaseous pollutants from the airstream that passes through them.

The EFS Carbon V-Bank (GPC.V) filter is designed to efficiently remove particulates that contaminate the indoor air as well as a wide range of odors at high air flows.

Gas Phase Filtration Media

Industrial Air Filtration Market

Industrial Air Filtration Market

According to several current industry reports, the demand for high-performing, energy-efficient air filtration products is expected to increase exponentially. Grand View Research, Inc., states that the global industrial air filtration market will reach $6.08 billion by 2025. In addition, Global Market Insights, Inc. has this same market exceeding $7.12 billion as early as 2022.


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