Low Pressure Drop Air Filters

air filter pressure drop

The low-pressure drop is what equates to the amount of electricity it takes to push the air through the filter. The more electricity or power it takes to push the air through the filter, the higher the pressure drop. Energy is very important in regards to filters because the lower the pressure drop, the less amount of power it’s going to take to push the air through the filter. EFS conducts as much research and development as possible in order to get the pressure drop of high efficiency air filters as low as possible while still being able to effectively filter the air.

HEPA Compliant Filters

hepa air filter

October 7, 2016  HEPA filters are deemed compliant based on the way they are tested. They’re tested by third parties; no manufacturer can test their own filters. In the United States, there are specific labs to send filters to that are government regulated, and they have to test the filters under ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) standards. These standards are constantly being worked on based on the medias that are available.

Who Is a Good Fit To Become an Air Filter Distributor for EFS?

commercial air filters

Virtually any distributor who’s looking for a good filter brand is a fit for EFS; however distributors who have the ability to stock are going to benefit the most. Distributors with the warehouse space to stock large quantities of filters enjoy being able to provide their customers with short lead times to help ensure their customers experience minimal (if any) downtime which is a very positive selling point.


Engineered Filtration Systems

The most advanced technology through global collaboration & development to provide the highest quality air filtration products at the lowest possible cost.