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EFS Products Overview

Engineered Filtration Systems products utilize the most advanced technology through extensive research and development to provide the highest quality air filters at the lowest possible cost. With engineers skilled in the various applications where air quality is essential (pharmaceutical, biological, electronics manufacturers, cogeneration, hospitals, museums, industrial plants and more), EFS knows what works best and focuses to achieve complete customer satisfaction, through excellent air quality, by providing the most efficient air filters available today.

Industrial facilities usually have larger interior spaces that multiple people have to share, all of whom have varying sensitivities to air quality. According to studies, indoor air quality has anywhere from two to five times more air particulates that cause harm, compared with outdoor air. An environment with clean and sterile air quality has a direct effect on the productive capacity of the people present by maintaining a worker’s health and performance, minimizing the risk of loss of productivity due to allergies or illnesses. Engineered Filtration Systems ensures the utmost care and quality in the air filters to provide the most efficient and cost-effective air filters for any facility.

Choose a Product that best fits your needs

Silver HEPA Filters

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters from EFS meet the HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) standards for facilities such as hospitals and data centers. Our HEPA air filters are rated at 99.99...

Blue High Efficiency V-Bank Filters

High Efficiency V-Bank Filters

High efficiency V-bank filters from EFS offer high efficiency, low-pressure drop, long filter life, and filter media that resists moisture. These filters are designed to...

F6 Rigid Pocket Filter

Medium Efficiency Pocket Filters

Medium efficiency Rigid Pocket Filters from EFS are efficient and cost-effective air filters suitable for many different environments. Rigid pocket filters are designed to...

Two White Soft-Pocket Bag Filters

Soft-Pocket Bag Filters

Soft Pocket Bag Filters from EFS have excellent durability, performance, and value for applications that require medium to high efficiencies. These filters have 100%...

Black and Silver Canister/Cartridge Filters

Canister/Cartridge Filters

EFS canister/cartridge filters are extremely efficient and durable, making them a cost-efficient solution for your GT inlet air filtration needs. These filters are...

Blue Gas Phase Filters

Gas Phase Filters

The EFS Carbon V-Bank (GPC.V) Filter is designed to efficiently remove particulates that contaminate the indoor air as well as a wide range of odors at high air flows....

Silver High Temp Filters

High Temp Filters

High temperature filters from EFS are durable to withstand extreme temperatures while still functioning to efficiently maintain air quality. These filters are made of...

Evaporative Cooling Pads

Evaporative Cooling Pads

EFS evaporative cooling pads are highly efficient and cost-effective cooling media for maintaining the right climate for any facility. Designed to work alongside air...

Media, Wraps & Accessories

Media, Wraps & Accessories

EFS Air Filtration Media, Wraps, and Accessories are strong and durable parts for your air filters. They can either replace parts or attach as new parts.