Pocket Filters


Need a filter that can tolerate a multitude of environments and weather? Pocket Filters from EFS provide a capable and innovative option for quality air filtration. These filters are designed to withstand high humidity as well as accelerated velocities, and aggressive turbulence. The filter pockets are self-supported, meaning they remain uncompromising in the air stream and because the filter does not contain any metal parts, it bears no risk of corrosion or punctures. Other components of the filter include a polyurethane header, depth-loading synthetic filter media, non-shedding fibers, and spacers that channel the air entering the pocket, which gives this filter low pressure drop and minimal energy costs. Through and through, this durable filter is not only effective but retains efficiency over time allowing you to save money while sustaining a healthy air space. Available in MERV 8 (40-45%) 11 (65%) as per ASHRAE 52.2.

Engineered Filtration Systems

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