AC105 Activated Carbon Media

AC105 Activated Carbon Media is effective at removing and preventing odors and fumes from building up in recirculated air. It also prevents outside fumes generated from helicopters and trucks, roofing tar, wildfire smoke fumes, cigarette smoke and other undesirable odors.


  • AC105 Activated Carbon Media “adsorbs” odors and pollutants without settling of carbon.
  • Removes odors, gaseous pollutants and particles
  • Quick solution for emergency IAQ problems (wildfire smoke fumes, construction projects, etc.)
  • Good for non-standard air handling systems


  • AC105 contains 105 grams of activated carbon per square feet
  • Available in rolls or pre-cut to specified size and shape
  • Low air resistance, non bypass, disposable media offered for light, medium or heavy-duty applications


  • Hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, commercial and/or industrial installations
  • Air intakes on rooftops, near loading docks, heliports, and/or at ground level
  • Air cleaners; electronic and/or mechanical
  • Commercial appliances; ductless range hood, bath fans and over-the-range (OTR) microwave ovens
Activated Carbon Media AC105

AC105 Activated Carbon Media

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