Protect Sensitive Equipment in Pulp and Paper Mills with Proper Air Filtration

Commerical Air Filters, Pulp and Paper Industry

Companies in the pulp and paper mill industries are increasingly utilizing sensitive electronic process control systems to remain competitive. Although these systems maximize chemical and energy use, the operating environment can wreak havoc on the electronics without proper air filtration. Corrosive gases and particulates, combined with mill humidity, can cause electronic control systems to fail unless proper industrial air filters and air filtration systems are employed.

Control System Environments

The main areas in which electronic process control systems may become corroded and malfunction include both the pulp-making side of the process and the by-product side of the process. Between the two, 25 – 30 control rooms must be monitored, and their environment controlled via a commercial air filter or industrial air filters. Besides these, there are 7 - 8 more control centers that need protection for every subsequent paper machine.

Mill Contaminants

The digestion area on the pulp-making side of the milling process is the primary generator of contaminating gases. These primarily include sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, dimethyl sulphide, dimethyl disulphide, carbon monoxide, and methyl mercaptan.

Most particulate contamination comes from the wood-yard area, although some gaseous and particulate contamination can come from the turbine generator area as well. Blow over into other areas of the plant that do not produce as much gas and particulates can become a concern, so proper commercial air filters must be used in the generator area as well as all other areas to keep all equipment running at maximum efficiency and to protect workers.

Air Filtration

Pulp and paper mills need particulate and gas industrial air filtration products to keep dust to a minimum and to keep sensitive control equipment from malfunctioning. Gas phase filters, such as the Engineered Filtration Systems Carbon V-Bank (GPC.V) Filter are designed to protect sensitive equipment, control gases and odors, and remove particulates, even during high air flow.
Moisture can also be a problem in the pulp and paper mill industries. These mills utilize huge volumes of water every day, and many use waters from a surface source. Engineered Filtration Systems’ Corrosion-Free Coalescer Rigid Pocket Filter is the perfect solution for corrosion-free air filtration in the typical pulp and paper mill environment.

Plants located in colder climates may see an increase in silt from snow melt or spring runoff, employing RO membranes and basket or bag prefilters to protect them. EFS medium efficiency pocket industrial air filters are designed to withstand high humidity and corrosive environments such as those found in pulp and paper mills.


Although electronic process control systems are increasingly making pulp and paper mills more competitive, their use does not come without challenges in air filtration systems. The paper making process is one of the most corrosive plant environments, and tons of gaseous contaminants and particulates threaten the mill’s sensitive machinery and the especially sensitive electronic control systems.

EFS filters are designed to withstand these types of environments while prolonging the life of the air filters and equipment. For more information on industrial air filters or on a commercial air filter especially suited for your pulp and paper plant, contact Engineered Filtration Systems, or visit us on the web to learn more.

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