Why Cleanrooms can Benefit from High Efficiency V-Bank Filters

High efficiency filter

A ‘clean room’ is a controlled environment generally used in the pharmaceutical industry for scientific research. As the term suggests, a clean room maintains a very high level of air quality, free of pollutants such as dust particles, airborne organisms and chemical vapors.

The ambient air outside in a typical city environment contains around 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter. According to ISO standards, an ISO1 clean room permits no more than 12 particles per meter cube. Many organizations high-efficiency V-Bank filters to create this controlled environment.

High-Efficiency V-Bank Filters

V-Bank filters usually come in the same size as box filters. However, there is a big difference between the two in terms of usage and material. The V-shaped pleat pack is installed into a V-Bank filter; hence the label ‘V’ is attached to the name.

The state of the art V-Bank filter technology allows organizations such manufacturers of electronic components and pharmaceuticals to trap particles that are 0.3 microns or larger in size. V-Bank filters resist moisture, have a long life, and provide a minimal drop in air pressure. The V-Bank filter is corrosion-proof as it does not include any metal parts in the whole assembly. The filter is lightweight and can be transported conveniently without any hassle.

Key Benefits

- Since the V-Bank filter is designed for low-pressure drop in airflow, it allows organizations to reduce energy consumption.
- The air that passes through the V-Bank filter contributes to maintaining Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).
- Owing to their light weight designs, V-Bank filters are easy to carry and install at any location.
- Since the V-Bank filter is made of synthetic material and does not use any metal component, it is corrosion free and has a long life.
- The V-Bank filter is designed in such a way that it is able to tolerate any turbulence or change in air velocity ensuring optimum performance even under significant load changes.

Industries using V-Bank Filters

V-Bank filters are ideally used for helping to create a clean room environment for microelectronics and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

High-Efficiency V-Bank filters can help provide good indoor air quality for a clean room environment. The efficient use of plastic and synthetic material in their design makes them an ideal filtering device for sensitive environments such as scientific and microelectronic clean rooms.

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